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tmClass. I'm vegan . Jag är vegan. What does vegan mean? A vegetarian who eats plant products only, especially one who uses no products derived from animals, as fur or leather.

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vegan (plural vegans) A person who does not eat, drink or otherwise consume any animal products [from 1944] A person committed to avoiding products and practices that inherently involve animal use, including all foods containing animal products, and to abstaining from direct and intentional harm to animals as far as possible; an adherent to veganism . vegan n.m. (Anglicisme) Adepte du véganisme. vegan adj. Relatif au véganisme. végan adj. Relatif au véganisme.


They often have to deal with people who seem intimidated by people who choose not to support the harming of animals. Vegan definition, a vegetarian who omits all animal products from the diet. See more.

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Wiktionary vegan

vegan (n.) 1944, probably based on a modification of vegetarian; coined by English vegetarian Donald Watson (1910-2005) to distinguish those who abstain from all animal products (eggs, cheese, etc.) from those who merely refuse to eat the animals. 'Vegetarian' and 'Fruititarian' are already associated with societies that allow the 'fruits'(!) of cows and fowls, therefore it seems we must make ‘Nuts play a vital role in vegan cooking, and they're used frequently here.’ ‘For pregnant or nursing vegan mothers, it's important to eat these foods as well as take a reputable brand of vitamin supplement.’ ‘Many recipes use animal products, but almost all include vegetarian and vegan versions.’ Fransk: ·Hunkøn ental af végan: vegansk··Hunkøn ental af végan: veganer.

Wiktionary vegan

People who refrain from eating any animal products (or anything derived from animal products) or using animal products such as leather, silk, or wool. It is a more strict form of vegetarianism.
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Wiktionary vegan

It is a more strict form of vegetarianism. People who are vegan are often passionate about their veganism. The definition of a vegan is a person who will not eat or use any type of animal product. A person who won't eat meat, dairy or other animal products and who will not use leather or any other product derived from animals is an example of a vegan. adjective.

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