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Hur man döljer titlarna på artiklar och sidor på WordPress

I thought I could do it by including an if statement in functions.php and targeting the template file by name like so: function header_anim () { wp_enqueue_script ( 'head', get_stylesheet_directory_uri () . '/js/head.js' ); } if ( is_page_template ( is_page() is a conditional tag that checks for all pages. I expected is_blog() to exist however it’s not an existing WordPress conditional tag.. It would be useful to mention the necessary conditional logic under “Examples” on the main Widget Logic plugin page: Wordpress is_page() always returned with false. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 7 months ago. Active 4 years ago.

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Instead of installing separate plugins for individual SEO tasks, we will help you choose the best WordPress SEO plugin that does it all, and it’s 100% free. 2020-12-23 How to Conditionally Display WordPress Sidebar Content with is_page In a non-widgetized sidebar you may have content that you only want to show on certain pages but not on others. I started thinking about this after my (Anti) Social WordPress Spring Cleaning article where Ajith mentioned that on my portfolio page I was duplicating the testimonials. WordPress stores the content of your posts and pages in the wp_posts table of your database. Because WordPress uses dynamic PHP templates to display your content, it does not store an individual HTML file for each page on your site.

Ring innehållet på en sida i AJAX i Wordpress

Is_single()- A single post. Is_page()- A static or a standalone page. '; elseif(is_page(7)) echo '

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This section refers to WordPress Pages, not any generic web page from your blog, or in other words to the built in post_type 'page'. is_page() When any Page is being displayed. is_page( 42 ) When Page 42 (ID) is being displayed.

Wordpress is_page

'page ' : '' ) . $odd_or_even . ' post\" id=\"post-'; the_ID(); ?>\ WordPress-plugins på livstur - för reseblogg och inte bara Av minus - du måste känna till alla typer av is_single (), is_page (), etc., men det finns analoga  Jag har gjort i AJAX utan att tänkt på Wordpress egna sätt att använda ajax och därför fungerar det inte helt perfekt. Jag ahr grottat ner mig i hur  facebook_pixel. Hoppa till verktygsfältet. Om WordPress · Om WordPress wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo-premium/inc/sitemaps/class-sitemaps.php:237. Jag såg något tema i WordPress som skapades med Bootstrap 4-ramverk.
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Wordpress is_page

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18 Aug 2012 your current page in the nav using WordPress PHP Conditional tags.
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Wordpress plugin / tillägg - Dynamisk Webbsida Med PHP

616. function is_paged () {. global $wp_query; if ( ! isset ( $wp_query ) ) {. _doing_it_wrong ( __FUNCTION__, __ ( 'Conditional query tags do not work before the query is run. Before then, they always return false.' ), '3.1.0' ); return false; } return $wp_query->is_paged (); In WordPress, is_page() function return true if the current article is a “PAGE” and similarly is_single() function return true if the current article is “POST”. We can also use get_post_type() function to identify whether a current article is a “PAGE” or “POST” .