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The WD-11 has Wexiödisk's unique basket feed system which allows for a flexible operator contact time. 2011-10-21 · environment further, the WD-6 can be supplied with a steam hood or a condensing unit with heat recovery. Never before has it been easier to wash dishes than with Wexiödisk’s WD-6 hood dish-washer. Its robust basic design, which makes use of the best components and materials, guarantees reliable operation for many years to come. The Wexiödisk WD-PRM6 has been designed to not only save caterers on their energy usage but also reduce chemical intake, man hours and provide significantly enhanced results, time and time again.” For more information on the Wexiödisk WD-PRM6 and to understand the significant savings available to caterers, please call 0845 643 0421 or visit 2020-6-3 · At Wexiödisk we strive to remain on the leading edge of technical inno-vations that affect people and the environment. The goal is to create the world's best dishwasher, and we feel that we are well on our way. Our WD-B Green flight type dishwasher has been developed with new tech-nology for minimum operating costs and maximum reliability 2013-12-3 WD-4S är ett smart val om du letar efter en pålitlig och effektiv diskmaskin.

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Läs mer Wexöidisk | WD-4. 15 000 kr. The water stopcock is closed. Er02. It has taken too long for the machine to heat up, com-. pared with the previous time.

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Wexiödisk wd 4

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Wexiödisk wd 4

The Wexiödisk WD-4 is a easy to use, reliable undercounter dishwashing machine. A good working environment, high levels of hygiene, easy servicing and optimum wash results make the Wexiödisk WD-4 the ideal solution for small but demanding kitchens. Wexiödisk WD-153/423 ICS+ Intelligent Control System (ICS+) Range August 4, 2016. Elettrobar Niagara 361 August 5, 2016. Show all.
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Wexiödisk wd 4

Nogen der ved hvor man kan handle stumper til en Wexiödisk 4. WD-4S. WEXIÖDISK.

Inlet Solenoid - Wexiodisk Ice Machine WD … Our model WD-4 is a robust under-counter dishwasher for small but demanding kitchen environments.
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Disk- & torkmedel - WD-4S - Wexiödisk AB

Bänken är tillverkad helt i rostfritt stål. Bassäng för blötläggning av diskgods i storlek upp till GN 1/1. Kompakt, stilren och effektiv Underbänk diskmaskin Vill du ha en driftsäker och effektiv underbänksdiskmaskin så är WD-4S bästa valet. Svensk design med kvalitet, funktionalitet och effektivitet.