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X. The. Verb: Third. Conjugation. Pronouns: Personal. 62. XI. The Verb: Future and Future Perfect Indica- tive;. Aug 6, 2016 - Reflexive Possessive Pronouns​sv/en/Learn-Swedish-Online. Grammatical structures covered.

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Swedish personal pronouns list c., Possessive Pronouns; There is never bestämd form i.e definite form of nouns after these pronouns. For example: Mitt hus (since it is called ett hus in Swedish), Min kamera (since it is called en kamera in Swedish), or Våra hus or våra kameror in plural. Find the explanation and tables about Swedish plurals here. Personal Pronouns The Swedish pronoun is marked for person, number, and to a limited degree also for gender.

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Swedish personal pronouns

When referring to nouns as it, you use den for en nouns, and det for ett nouns. Formerly, du was the informal you and ni was the formal, but these distinctions are rarely used anymore. English and Swedish uses the same form of personal pronouns in most cases. In Swedish, 'Ni' and 'Er' can be written with a capital letter, but it is mostly used in business and formal correspondence.

Swedish personal pronouns

Possessive Pronouns Swedish possessive pronuns are slighly more complicated than their English counterparts since Swedish has gender. Most possessive pronouns have three forms, one for en-words, one for ett-words, and one for plural words.
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Swedish personal pronouns

hans pengar – his money (money is plural in Swedish) And unfortunately, this one is not the only one.

28 juni 2018 — The pronouns han, 'he,' hon, 'she,' are still occasionally used in addressing inferiors, but ni is more frequently used by masters and employers to  4 okt. 2013 — Learn the possessive pronouns and you will have it easier when speaking Swedish. They are an important foundation in the language and we  9 maj 2018 — We would use sitt, because this is the ett-word version of this reflexive possessive pronoun. Sin and sitt are used when the noun is singular (just  sentences containing "personal pronouns" – Swedish-English dictionary and control mechanisms including, in particular, rules for personal transactions by  The sense of the term can therefore often be expressed in English by use of personal pronouns.
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